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Everything You Need To Know About Eyebrows Microblading

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I am the one who is very much specific about my facial features and I know the vital contribution of eyebrows in the same. It doesn't matter if someone likes them straight; feathered or bold, eyebrows give that need affection to your face. Though if you are not satisfied with the looks of your eyebrows you can update them with the help of various products available in the market like pencil or brow gel. If not satisfied yet, you can even alter them through tattooing.

But how can we forget the special mention in the section, get ready ladies, here comes the showstopper ‘the microblading’. Microblading in Victoria is the natural yet a semi-permanent technique using which you can correct your eyebrows. Unlike the goofy makeup crafted eyebrows, microblading gives it the effect of embroidery strokes making it look perfectly real.

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Microblading is just the thing for those who are willing to define, fully reconstruct, fill a gap or fill plucked brows. Every of those who loved arched eyebrows can opt for microblading. Unlike tattoo which is done manually by the normal tattoo pen, microblading is done via a technically evolved pen.
The first step involves drawing the structure of the eyebrows through a removal pen, which is  considered as the toughest and the most time taking part of the procedure. The second step involves drawing strokes one after the other over the removable pen design. Once done with microblading they apply numbing cream followed by liquid anesthetic to reduce discomfort, however, the process is completely pain-free.

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Without any downtime, your eyebrows will be all ready to show off. You just have to go for one-month follow-up and take care of your brow at the same time. The results of this procedure will last for at least 3 years without any trouble.

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